2013 positive points.

This has been a year of big changes for me and though it has been tough at times, I’ve realised that I am moving forward with my life and ambitions.

I have heard a lot of people talking about how terrible their year has been and it’s easy to get stuck in a downward spiral if you just think of the negative. I prefer to start the year with a air of optimism wherever possible so I have written a list of my favourite positive points of 2013 and would urge you to do the same, it might make you feel a lot better.

1. I stopped working from a small desk in my bedroom and got my first solo studio for Eustratia.

427237_10151453871855365_82829251_n2. I suspended my bed from trees for a photoshoot!

_MG_81663. I was involved in quite a few fun and amazing fashion shows.

1276469_576383365732729_609709502_o4. Eustratia became the main brand sold in a small boutique.

734115_574855985872883_2073020654_n5. I went on holiday to Greece with my best friends.

968844_10201689246253037_1694167644_n6. I went to LFW with some amazing people.

1237951_590997460941458_557497677_n7. Had my work published in my favourite magazine, Dark beauty.

darkbeauty18. Bought a house!

733896_10151952960905365_1475728400_n9. I set up a showroom and look forward to inviting people to my open-house events to view my items in person. The first one will hopefully be scheduled for the beginning of February!

1471219_10152068209715365_1131086101_n10. Pretty much learned to drive and will hopefully be passing my test in the near future.

My positive list definitely made me feel better about this year and I hope yours does too.


Christmas gift ideas

I realised I haven’t done any shopping/wish list type posts for ages so I’ve put together a board with my top 10 affordable gift ideas (a lot of which are on my list too).

  • christmas wishlist 131. Round cushions, £6.99 Ebay
  • 2. Chandelier, £38.00 ebay or BHS
  • 3. Box frame, £4 Ikea
  • 4. LED cherry blosson tree, £34.99 Ebay
  • 5. White stag head, £50 ebay
  • 6. White candelabra, £32.90 kandco.com
  • 7. Waffle maker, £23.99 Ebay
  • 8. Scatter lights, £5 Ikea
  • 9. Note book, £4 Ikea
  • 10. Oil burner, £4.95 Ebay