Auxiliary calender images

In October last year I shot a couple of looks for a submission to Auxiliary magazine’s 2012 calender. I posted some details regarding the inspiration here.

In the end there weren’t able to produce the whole calender so they chose a few of the best images (6) to make into phone and desktop backgrounds, they are all stunning and can be viewed/downloaded on their site, here.

Amongst the selections was my image, by Jennifer Byron photography. I’m glad they picked this one as it was probably my favourite from this set.

My favourite from the other set we shot that day is the one below, the rest can be seen on my facebook page, Biomechanina.

Maverick models

A few months ago I lent some garments to Manchester based model agency, Maverick models. They were used for the agencies’ new promo shoot, shot in the south of France as well as the vampire themed fashion show that opened Sheffield fashion week. There is a video of the shoot here and the fashion show here.

A selection of my favourite images from the shoot.

©Jay Mawson

©Conn Young

Favourites from the fashion show:

©Dougal Wallace

©Paul David Drabble

VAU VAU fashion show

I’ve recently started planning for my next fashion show which is going to take place on the 27th of this month, in Leeds. The show has been organised by the amazing Toria Brightside and is being held in and amazing church which you can check out here. I always thought a church would be a great venue for a fashion show and what’s more is, all the proceeds go to charity! Tickets also go on sale today so if anyone would like to come please contact Toria or post a comment here.

I also designed the logo for this which was quite fun as I usually only do graphics for my own label and artwork. They wanted something simple that would work in both black and pale pink so this is what it ended up like.Then Amber turned it into an amazing ticket.

The facebook events page is here-  so check it out and come along if you’re in the are. There will be fashions shows by a variety of different designers, cash only market where you can find work by independent designers and artists, including one off pieces.

The models involved in the show are all stunning, a mixture of new faces and big names that are sure to do the show justice and I will also be stepping in for the finale!

I have named my part of the show “Faeries and Demons” and it will feature music and visuals by Dave Abbott. He also did the last piece for my TG show, which I got lots of compliments for.

More info regarding my show in particular, coming soon!

Chimera: Behind the scenes

I recently found some behind the scenes shots from the chimera shoot and decided to share them as I think they show off some aspects of the garments that weren’t that evident from the final images. The majority of these were taken by Phil Nicholls and a couple by myself.

The garments featured in the shoot are available to purchase at Sale on till 22.1.12 so hurry!

I also took this opportunity to better showcase some of the accessories from the shoot with some still life images as I feel most of them didn’t stand out enough in the final images. These will be added to the online store as soon as I have some more suitable images back

Certain items from this range are already available at Birds yard in Leeds and all will be available very soon at .

The will be priced as follows and can also be ordered via email to

Perspex inverted cross necklace: £12.50 on black chain or £16 on thick gunmetal chain (pictured).

Latex, studded inverted cross necklace £20

Latex, studded cross hair clip £18

Latex, studded shield necklace £20

Nutmail choker £50

Nutmail cuff £38

The nutmail chocker and cuff are available in two styles, one solid and one with holes through the middle. All aspects of this item, down to the smallest links are hand-shaped! A truly beautiful item, worth every penny.