DIY Crystal Dr. Martens

Last year I was given a pair of patent white, 8-hole dr. Martens by a friend. They were factory second’s so not as perfect as ones you would buy from a store but still comfy and durable enough to wear on a regular basis. The term on which she agreed to give them to me was that I would do something to them to make them more attractive and get some wear out of them. I must admit they sat in the bottom of my wardrobe for a few months before I finally decided what I should do with them. The idea came to me in fall when brogues were in but I couldn’t quite decide if they were “booty” enough for every day wear and I discovered that crystal-encrusted items don’t have to look tacky.

I decided to cover the toe and heel of the boots in black diamante, with the shape on the toe slightly resembling wing tips. I was quite pleased with the outcome so I decided to photograph the process and do a tutorial for anyone else who would like to decorate some old shoes.

This is what they looked like when I got them.

I started by forming the wingtip design on the toe.

Then I started covering the rest of the area.

When they were done I replaced the dirty white laces with black ribbon laces which looked much better. I got impatient and wore them out a couple of times in this state which is when I realised that this ribbon was too thin and frayed a lot so I decided to change it.

I replaced the laces with a polka dot grosgrain pair that came as a spare with the new docs I got for xmas (they also came with black grosgrain laces). I really like the look of the thicker grosgrain lace but I’m not sure the polka dot is right for these.

I also bought some clear enamel which I painted over the crystals to keep them in place. A couple of coats should do it.

I then started on the back with some larger crystals first and then placing the smaller ones in between them.

When you first paint the enamel on it will look quite white (like on the boot on the right). Don’t worry, it dries clear.

I finally bought a roll of black grosgrain ribbon! It was actually to use on products for the new Eustratia range I’m working on but it happened to be exactly same width as that used as laces on my docs.

I cut the grosgrain into a fork and burned the ends to stop fraying.

probably need straightening out a bit but they look something like this!


and this is what they look like on my foot. I hope to get some nicer pictures wearing these out soon! If anyone else tries customising their shoes I’d love to see pics!

p.s. I’ve only just noticed today that Dr. Martens are releasing a Swarovski scattered style! They are nice but I don’t think I’m going to have £450 to spend on a pair in the near future so I’ll just stick to my customising 🙂


Inspirational photography 1

I’ve been wanting to start a new feature that focuses on photography that inspires me for a while and I wasn’t sure if it should focus on editorials or photographers. I first decided to go for editorials so I could feature my favourite photographers more than once but then realised that some of them don’t actually shoot editorials so it will, in some cases, just be collections of images that appeal to me and fit together in some way.

Tim Walker is probably my favourite photographer of all time, so I decided to start the feature with his recent editorial for issue 7 of LOVE magazine, out last month. The editorial is entitled “the origin of monsters” and features Kristen McMenamy shot with giant insect-related props and wearing armour (two themes that I have been working with recently), exquisitely styled by Katie Grand.

Shopping style boards

It has been a while since I last had time for a shopping post. I always save images of products I find interesting but at busy times I have to focus on orders. While I’m disappointed I didn’t get to post about some of my finds, however, I think this is a great time for a clothes post as everyone has updated their ranges for spring.

I have complied 3 boards of my favorite spring styles.

A. Tough girl

1. Bordelle belt strap garters £130+VAT I love these but would never be able to afford that much on garters so am considering making a similar pair.

2. sleeveless stripe shirt £30 Topshop

3. leg harness £16.50 Topshop

4. Infragante leather bodice £120+VAT Bordelle

5. mesh panel leggings £22 Miss selfridge

6. skull jouy vest £35 All saints

7. Studded Lita boot, Jefferey Campbell

8. stud detail bralette £20 Topshop

9. leather biker jacket £165 by boutique at topshop. This isn’t the most amazing leather jacket but I’m struggling to find a nice one that will fit me for a reasonable price and at least this one would be easily customisable.

B. Mystical girl

1. bodycon dress £42 miss selfridge (I may have actually bought the last one of these as I had to go to a pretty obscure branch to find it).

2. lattice bra top £18 miss selfridge

3. vero moda lace biker jacket

4. cross front longline cami £22 topshop

5. heelless platform by Jeffery Campbell, I’ve wanted a pair of these for so long!

6. silver cross stretch armcuff £9.37 miss selfridge

7. multi chain vest necklace £50 topshop

8. obsidian tomb ring $260 blood milk

9. sheer split maxi skirt £37 miss selfridge

10. reformed coquette tie die dress £30 urban outfitters

11. rune divination cuff $275 blood milk. I love rune jewellery and have had my rune rings from past times (which has now closed down) for about 10 years!

C. Pastel girl

1. Dior eyeshadow £39.24

2. printed sleeveless shirt with metal tipped collar £32 miss selfridge

3. pastel harness £18 asos

4. Mashmallow bust harness praline (yes that is actually what its called) about £104 www.

5. lilac glitter belt £12 topshop

6. fleur cropped jumper £20 Topshop

7. illamasqua nail varnish £13.50

8. turquoise glitter plugs $13.98 hot topic

9. lilac leggings £18 topshop

10. side strap top £18 miss selfridge

11. pastel tie die tights £10 topshop

12. Spikey shoes, Jeffery Campbell

I have bought a few of these things and hope to have a bit more spare cash soon. Having to spend all my money on my business gets depressing some times but with a new casual range coming out soon I have high hopes for the future.