Trend: Brogues

In the past I’ve always considered brogues or similar styles of footwear something very style-specific that is not easy for a female to wear but I’ve seen so many creative takes on them around this season I’m seriously considering getting some. With androgynous styles ranging from classic to eccentric, girly flats, a whole range of different heels and chunky platforms there is bound to be something for everyone. I have included some of my personal favourites in this collage.

1. Asos Mr dogtooth brogue £32.00

2. Next black patent trim wedge shoe boots. £55.00

3. TK Maxx £32.00

4. Pilot high heel lace up brogue shoe £35.00

5. Platform wedge brogues by Japanese brand R&E Rosessence I’d really love to buy these but can’t actually find them on the site so if anyone has seen them or similar ones around please let me know!

6. Melissa Joy and Alexander white brogues £60.00

7. Bank grey heeled brogues £30.00

8. Melessa x J Markey Crystal ‘Joy’ Brogues. These are a bit older so not sure if they are available to purchase any more

9. Dorothy perkins Black mega platform town shoes £49.00 also available in burgundy

10. Melissa Joy and Alexander Herchcovitch lii black glitter brogue £59.50

11. Alexandre Herchcovitch X Melissa Patent Troupe Wedge Brogue on sale at for £58.00

12. Pewter brogues on sale at miss selfridge for £12.00

13. Glitter girly flat brgues

14. Melissa Kissing lace up ankle boots £75.00 (also available in black)

Bird’s yard and Alt fashion shoot preview

On Sunday we shot the editorial for the “Eustratia” feature in Alt fashion magazine. The weather turned out to be more rainy than initially anticipated, (not really a surprise in this part of the country) so we ended up in a bit of a predicament regarding the most appropriate shoot location. Toria was promoting an event at Bird’s yard later in the day and the owner was nice enough to let us shoot in the courtyard at the back of the shop as it had a covered section to minimise the rain-damage. With its old Chesterfield sofa, fake grass carpet and multiple degenerated urban backdrops it proved to be the perfect location! So far I am really pleased with what I’ve seen of the images, the magazine has to be published before we release any of them but here are some behind the scenes shots taken with my camera to give you an idea of the styling.

Lovely models and non-acknowledging photographer Left to right: Beth, Victoria, Amber, myself and Toria

I especially love the chainmail components pf these outfits which are made by Richard Ayres.

Portfolio links:,,,

I would also like to say a huge thanks to Beth for getting up and being part of the shoot at such short notice!

After the shoot we headed back to Toria’s to pack up and then back to Bird’s yard for the party. I first heard about the shop at a charity fashion show that was also organised by Toria a few weeks ago in Chester. We paired their vintage clothes with my latex accessories for the show.

image 1,3and 5 by Fluke photography 2 and 4 by fireball photography

I also had a stall…


…and Amber wore a pink dress that would have made any fairy tale princess green with envy.

Amber, her pink dress and I

Anyway, non of this had suggested anything more than that Bird’s yard was a vintage shop in Leeds. When we got there I realised that it was actually an amazing concept store/indoor market hybrid with all kinds of treasure dotted around several different shops. They also feature independent designers who can choose between renting a shelf or a booth to display a selection of their products. This sounds like a really interesting opportunity to me, particularly as each designer spends one day a month working in the shop. I would hate to have a job as a shop-assistant but having a “meet the designer” day at a shop where my products are stocked and getting a change to interact with and get feedback from customers actually appeals on so many levels. More news about this when I have time to sort it out properly.

The rest of the party involved free food and drink, discovering new designers and silliness.

If you’d like to know more about Bird’s yard, check out their site!

Amber and pretty things

custom upholstry

Independent designer booths

stair art

slut and slag

what I wore

Dark inspirations

With Halloween coming up and having to research for various shoots and costumes (including my own which I will write about separately), I have been drawn towards darker influences.

When I started preparing for my first shoot, a calender and possible magazine submission with Jennifer Byron photography ( I had absolutely no idea what look I was going for. I knew that it had to be dark/passable as a Halloween theme and also utilise these glittery skulls I had (photographers request) in a different way to last year.

Ker by Jason Harry (

So, I started looking online for inspiration and here’s what I liked:

Make up inspired by Alex Box.

make up by Alex Box


Vogue Paris Halloween

Inner Demons Photographed by Jerry Bennet :: Modeled & MUA by Manchester Wardrobe and Styled by Alex London Source:

I didn’t use all of these influences literally as I always like to create my own looks and items I feel strongly about at the moment but finding inspirational images helps me get a feel for the look I’m trying to create and imagine the possibilities.

I did however try out the make up, I’ve always had a love of organic vein/root patterns and black line drawings so I felt like it needed to be part of the character I was creating.

make up trial (please excuse terrible photobooth pics, it did look better in real life)

I didn’t do this hairstyle for the actual shoot and the dress was covered in so many chains and accessories you wouldn’t recognise it. Images from this shoot hopefully to follow shortly.



At the moment I’m planning a shoot for the Eustratia ( feature in Alternative magazine with Toria Brigtside (

They have requested we showcase as many different styles as possible so I have decided to give each of the four models a character based on stereotypical types of alt girls/goths. Though the outfits will be quite different, the colour scheme and styling will hopefully tie everything together to produce a concise collection of images.

We will have a very limited time to get ready for this shoot so I thought it would be better to use wigs for at least two of the models, preferably black wigs.


source: Haute Macabre deisgns: mother of London, blacklickorish latex

Big black hair

While looking for general inspiration I came across two sets of images that I liked which both featured these very high, black, messy up dos. I thought something like this would go perfectly with two of my looks while also being one of these features that ties the whole thing together so I customised a couple of black wigs I had in my collection.


It isn’t really evident from the pictures but they actually have quite a lot of texture going on. For the first one I actually used my black hair swan and wire scupture which was previously an alien helmet hair ball. I like recycling stuff I’ve used in previous shoots. You can view what is has been used as previously here:

More inspiration:

Harpers Bazaar

I was thinking of using a little veil like this on a couple of the models.

Schmuck mag.

And even perhaps using my wire-mesh eyepatch.

To finish off, here are some bad pictures of my quick outfit sketches, hopefully the silhouettes are still visible.

Models left to right: Helen, Amber, Stacey, Victoria

I’m looking forward to this shoot but still have quite a lot of work to do finalising everything.

Trend: Chokers

Looking around on the internet recently, I was surprised to see that chokers are making a come-back! With them having being out of fashion for a while, I think a lot of people feel a bit apprehensive towards them, especially as  it mostly seemed to be chunkier ones that made an appearance on the catwalk. Personally, I have always had a love of statement jewellery and consider chokers quite flattering so I will definitely be going all out on this one but I’m sure there will be more subtle styles available to introduce the more weary.

Chokers on the catwalk:

designerd left to right: Laurent, Valentino, Alexander McQueen

My favourite out of what I’ve seen so far has to be this one (matching bangle also available):

Alexander McQueen Spike-Embellished Metal Choker

I actually saw one of these on ebay for £340 and was tempted but maybe I should save up some money first.

Over the next few weeks I will post images of chokers I have been making and maybe even add some to my online store.