Accessory moment no.5

This is an other look where the hair plays an important part. I realised I hadn’t posted an accessory moment with my new extensions yet so I used slightly less accessories than usual for this look. I think it’s a good example to show that less is more sometimes and you should just go with what works for your look.

What I used:

1. Layered spike necklace £5, Primark (occasionally this store surprises me)

2. Pheasant claw earrings, Sophie Adamson

3. Deer skull necklace, Eustratia

Bird claw earring.

For those who wanted to know, my septum ring is from I also get asked about this hair style a lot. The hair extensions I bought were lightest blonde, 22inches. I died them with a selection of Direction colours (lavender, lilac and turquoise) that I painted on and mixed into each other.You should try and get a blonde that matches the colour your hair goes when bleached, this will help the dyed extensions match your hair colour.

I left the hair dye on the extensions a lot longer than I do on my hair. Then rinsed and dried as usual.

The waves were created using a Babyliss Wave envy hair styler. I would suggest having a look on ebay for one of these as they are often cheaper.

Dark unicorn inspiration

Those of you who have been following my blog for while will have seen the unicorn inspiration board that I posted last year. I’ve been wanting to do a dark unicorn shoot for a while now and have finally managed to arrange it with photographer Jamie Mahon, who’s dark aesthetic should fit the theme perfectly.

I gathered my initial inspiration on a board and I’m excited to see how the ideas evolve from there.

My wardrobe for the shoot is being provided by Eustratia and Richard Ayres and I’m also using some accessories by Sophie Adamson.


Yard changes!

I’m a bit behind on these so I’m going to fit two visits into one post, with more interesting pictures of the new products.

Following it’s second birthday, Bird’s yard is undergoing a transformation, with changing the shop around and new permanent tenants moving in. If you live in the north of England and haven’t visited yet you really are missing out.

The current layout is as follows:
Ground floor- vintage tea room and independent designer booths
First floor- Life’s big canvas jewellery, Dora’s gift box toys and gifts, Aurora vintage, wearable vintage clothing.

Second floor: Bird shell couture and exclusive vintage, Belles Bejewelled leather accessories and re-worked t-shirts, urban fox design cushions, and a variety of jewellery designers. Blonde fury hair salon, £10 and printed t-shirt room, including Lovely crayfish.

The basements is also going to be open to the public too, adding even more to the Bird’s yard experience.

New upstairs Bird Shell room! This is where I work on my days at the shop.

Accessories stand!

I especially liked these cushion by Urban fox design, they do some many great prints!

While it was quiet I took the opportunity to design some of the outfits for my show at the Manchester Alternative and Burlesque fair next month.

Then I took some pictures of my outfit as it’s quite hard for me to do at home…

and my accessories for an “accessory moments” post that some of you may have seen on here.

Dictionary jewellery, new at Life’s big canvas!

These aren’t new but I’ve always really liked them. Life’s big canvas again.

They have also recently started stocking this new range or crystal-encrusted jewellery by Me & zena. As you can probably imagine, the majority of it is a bit colourful for my taste but I thought the crystal piece sign and pencil sharpener rings were quite cool!

On the second the day the lighting wasn’t as good so my outfit just looks like a mass of black even though it wasn’t.

This was totally flower headband day! I arrived wearing my new latex one I made for Eustratia.

And then noticed the new ones in Dora’s gift box and had to try one!

These also Have a cute birdie detail on the side.

I ended up modelling some of these in my recent shoot with ENB Photography in Leeds, pictures coming soon!

Blonde fury hair salon is now also up and running at Bird’s yard so I watched Michelle get her hair done. I heard rumors there is going to be a celebrity style offer on here soon so if you’re in Leeds and in need of a hair cut I think you should pay Chloe a visit!

I’ve temporarily taken the Eustratia products out of the shop to rethink and replenish but will be back soon with a new stand and new products!

It’s impossible to include all the designers as there are so many but if you’d like to find out more about what’s on offer at Bird’s yard and any upcoming events, why not add them on facebook or follow them on twitter?

Pearl blossom shoot inspiration

I’ve recently been working on a few different types of accessories for Eustratia. When photographer Emily Bailey contacted me about shooting some of my designs I saw a great opportunity to do a chilled out shoot with some of the new accessories as well as a couple of outfits styled in ways independent to any particular collection.

This is the moodboard I created for the shoot.

It will feature a lot of influences from current fashion and my everyday style.