Christmas accessory moment

My Christmas day outfit accessories (most were presents).

xmasno1. Little deer phone case £2.65 ebay.

2. Black rabbit necklace H&M (gift)

3. crystal suede cuff Topshop (gift)

4. pocket watch necklace (gift)

5. Religion royalty clutch £40

61d5841c52f611e28df922000a9f1991_7164635_10151351699190365_130740489_ncd8564da535e11e2842d22000a1f9ada_7I didn’t add the antlers but I make them so just get in touch if you’d like to commission a pair, they are available in various colours and finishes.


Christmas 2012

This year I was working a ridiculous amount of hours, up to Christmas eve so it was nice to be able to relax for a couple of days, I don’t believe it’s all over already.

This Christmas was a nice family affair as usual but it was the first year in a long time that we stayed at home and I had the opportunity to take pictures. I decided to make a little diary of my day.

4797fbe64ee311e2ab6722000a9e087c_7 My wintery room decorations!c22235d04ee211e29c6822000a1f9688_7At Christmas I always try to make my room look a bit nicer, this year I changed all the drapes to white. 016c14ba4fbd11e2b45222000a1f97b0_7

12273_10151349175345365_1220385515_nChristmas tree!

37065_10151349009385365_381455132_nMistletoe for my parents to kiss under!

154451_10151349012195365_1846923710_nMy stocking!

148693_10151349643220365_309811629_nPresents from my girlie friends <3

557305_10151349055480365_630028588_nMy friend Amy from Am Statik latex sent me this in exchange for one of my key necklaces which I sent her a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t expecting anything in return and this is certainly worth more!

524b8e944ee411e2ad1322000a9e28e6_7Chistmas face! I decided to do a curly updo.

15471_10151348017370365_1715759354_nI wore black and nude because I really love my new flocked leggings and I knew my dress was going to be similar colours.

525148_10151349253170365_1862595796_nShoes! This was probably my favourite present but I bought them for myself so I’m not sure if it counts.

28748_10151349261510365_1026819791_nMy second favourite present was my amazing new waste paper bin. My old bin was red and plastic and gave me a headache every time I looked at it so I was desperate to get rid of it!

61d5841c52f611e28df922000a9f1991_7I ended up wearing a sort of miss matched outfit of what I decided to wear when I got up and loads of new stuff on top of it but I thought it looked OK. I even put my antlers on for Christmas lunch.

d6cf7f6452f311e28e7522000a1fbe50_7Then I helped Scamper open with special doggy chocolate!

164635_10151351699190365_130740489_nNo Christmas is complete without new accessories!

16806_10151349762980365_2010849429_nI also made a start on my new obsession, goldstone, opal and cracked quartz plugs.

Hopefully more nice and peaceful Christmases will follow in future years


Artist spotlight #2 Liz Clements

I’ve recently come across an other amazing illustrator, Liz Clements. She draws a lot of pretty alt girls which obviously appeals to me. I particularly like the hair in her illustrations, it looks really fluid, regardless of the hair style (which is something I’d like to impove in my own illustrations).

558989_389997381081172_544631626_n483643_384293578325506_849232967_n380181_389554694466061_383350734_n401415_358866757534855_1354806820_n408219_347657935322404_553740795_n293139_345736858847845_978990733_n487141_385369704884560_730967379_nHer t-shirts and tote bags came out great as well which gives me hope as I’d like to release my own this year and the designs I’m considering are similar.

You can buy prints as well as the t-shirts and tote bags from her etsy store.


London Fetish Weekend

This year I had the pleasure of being invited to show my collection at LFW. I only found out that I got through a week or so before the event so I decided to do the Avalonia show, featuring the Opulence and Chimera collections, just in a slightly different format that at the Alternative and burlesque fair.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to dress the stage this time, and with the limited rehearsal time is was lucky that I re-wrote the choreography to go with a different shaped stage on the journey down.

The dressing room was crowded with models and collections but the other teams were helpful and we found space to put our stuff and even electricity to do some simple hair. Kudos to my amazing MUAs, Laura Wilson and Tabitha Adams, for managing to do make up in the abysmal lighting conditions!

I was pleased with the show in general and received a lot of positive feedback.

_DAF1760577108_10152149427040293_479289292_n307962_10152149428520293_1135722786_n_DAF1980_DAF1761249405_10152149426965293_697532807_n_DAF1780_DAF1770_DAF1793_DAF1806_DAF1860_DAF1863_DAF1842_DAF1832_DAF1826_DAF1879_DAF1893_DAF1932_DAF1916_DAF1910_DAF1921_DAF1904_DAF1899_DAF1975Show pics by Daffyd Owen

Models as they appear in the photos: Asphazia, Helene Atsuko, Kerry Wheeler, Whiplash, Sapphire Black, Anna Swiczeniuk , Harlotte Wolderland, Ruby True, Vex Ashley, Boo Elizabeth, Biomechanina, Mam’zelle Maz.




Accessory moment 6.

I haven’t done one of these for ages! I knew this would happen at some point but I’m going to try and catch up by posting a few old ones as well.

What I used:

feathersno1. Rubber coin purse £6 Arcanum Accessories

2. Silicone plug about £3.50 from just about anywhere.

3. Cross plug, £6 sick plugs

4. Feather necklace £15 Richard Ayres

386616_10151351853165365_984596871_ncd50c43a4fb411e2bec722000a1f8c33_74e87495c4fb511e28ad722000a9f1498_7These are some of my favourite every-day things. I wear this feather necklace all the time but for some reason it’s just hard to get a good picture of!