Opulence Collection

Those who follow my work will already be familiar with the Opulence collection that has been showcased that the Manchester Alternative and burlesque fair as well as London fetish weekend as part of the Avalonia fashion show. There is also a wonderful set of photobooth images by Tigz Rice featuring the outfits which can be viewed here.

The official Opulence look book images were shot by the talented Katelizabeth photography who did a great job of realising my vision and adding her own touch without upsetting the balance of the overall feel.

Models Sevensin & Biomechanina

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I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. I was originally worried the weather might ruin it for us and I must admit it was a rather muddy, and at times cold, experience but luckily this doesn’t show in the pictures. I had a great team that made every effort to get the best possible results and if any one of them didn’t believe in the project it wouldn’t have been possible.

I’d like to add a special thanks to Charlotte who isn’t credited as part of the creative team but really played a big part by assisting with pretty much everything and assuring the models’ safe passage to and from the set. She also took some behind the scenes footage which I hope to be able to include in a future post.

An insight into this collection and the influences behind it were published in the last issue of Rebelicious magazine which you can view online here and is also available for free download.

rebelicious opulenceImage: Sevensin by Toria Brightside who also edited together this write up from my interview.

To shop items from this collection please visit www.eustratia.co.uk

The chainmail collar was provided by www.richardayres.co.uk

Images from my second collaboration with Katelizabeth photography are due to be released in a couple of days so keep your eyes peeled! A preview images can be view on the front page of my site!


Alternative and Burlesque fair after-show shoot.

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages but unfortunately keep finding I have something more important to do.

After the last show at the Manchester Alternative and burlesque fair we went outside the venue for a photoshoot with the girls. We were joined by various photographers including Toria Brightside, Jennifer Byron, Fred Burns of Phoenix studio and Cole of LatexGirls HD who also did a video with a small interview.


Thanks to Toria Brightside we also landed the main feature in issue #9 of Rebelicious magazine. The feature includes a write up about the Opulence and Chimera (featuring chainmail by Richard Ayres).


270516_379121408831950_241488436_n297267_379121525498605_699627188_n523648_379121598831931_1171676515_nThe make up for these looks was created by Laura Wilson and hair by Laura Kulik.

Thanks to all my gorgeous girls:

Sapphire Black, Harlotte Wonderland, Asphazia, Betty La Wren, Ezra Tren, Vex Ashley, Victoria Fairbrother, Sevensin, Nina Dee, Becky Burton and Whiplash.

Also big thanks to my lovely assistants/black stage team and og course the H n H crew.

I really enjoyed showing my work here and am looking forward to the winter wonderland show I’m putting on at the next event in a weeks time!