Windy walk

Last weekend, we had a shift in the weather that showed us autumn is really here! So much so, that my big coat made its seasonal debut! It hasn’t been as cold again since, but it has definitely got me thinking more about my autumn/winter wardrobe and what I need to add to it.

blogger with wolf dog

I decided to bring Charlie along because any opportunity for him to get out more is good, although he didn’t appreciate the slower walk, or the pausing to take pictures…

dark fashion blogger

dixi gemstone ring, asos fedora hat

aesthetic contradiction blogger

All the items shown in this post have been in my wardrobe over a year (some for 3!) and I’m still just as excited to wear them as I was when I got them, I aim to make most, if not all my purchases from now on, items that I will love for years to come.

cow skull necklace detail

dark fashion blogger in wool coat and fedora

I find that I prefer autumn fashion. The shops seem to stock items that are more to my taste and the need for extra layers allows me to indulge my love of contrasting textures. I actually can’t wait to start wearing scarves, but for now, a hat and coat in the same outfit was exciting enough.

edgy classic style blogger


witchery waxed jeans detail

A typical autumn, look for me, this outfit combines a more delicate, almost romantic top, with tougher “biker” style trousers, classic items such as the wool coat and the fedora with a contemporary design twist and accessories that add a bit of edge.

Zara wool coat



Coat: Zara

Hat: Asos

Top: Ebay

Trousers: Witchery

Boots: Asos (similar)

Belt: Asos

Autumn Wishlist

aesthetic contradiction autumn Wishlist 2017


This year more than ever, I’m thinking about adding pieces to my wardrobe that will have longevity. Over the past few seasons, I’ve realised that I’m not really interested in trend pieces, unless they falls into the rare category of items that are staples in my wardrobe, but not most other peoples’ and need to be snapped up quickly, whenever the opportunity arises. I’m generally aiming to add pieces to my wardrobe that can be staples in my wardrobe but will also be interesting enough to be worn in seasons to come, without me getting bored of them. I realise this is a tall order, but I’ve managed to do this with a few items in my current wardrobe so I would like to find more like them and build a “capsule wardrobe” of go-to items.

I often struggle to find exactly what I’m looking for in stores but I have managed to compile a list of some of the types of items I’m interested in adding to my wardrobe this season.

  1. I have been thinking about investing in better quality knitwear this season and this grey mohair and wool blend jumper from “& other stories” seems like the perfect cosy item to wear both out and about and when working from home.
  2. In recent years, I’ve realised I don’t really like wearing heels for long periods of time, so I’m always on the lookout for cute but edgy flats that I can wear to go out in. Last year, I bought the perfect pair from E8 by Miista and I was overjoyed to see that they have brought out a similar type of style that I’m equally as in love with for this season! The Luna flats.
  3. Now that I wear less body jewellery, I have been thinking about adding some studs back into my  jewellery collection. These sterling silver triangles from AbigailjewelleryAu on Easy are perfect and would go with everything.
  4. I have multiple ear piercings so something a bit tougher looking to pair with the triangles would be good and I found another great pair on Etsy, from Formood.
  5. It has been a couple of years since I added a new coat to my wardrobe and I’ve been looking out for the next addition. I think it would be good have something slightly oversized and boyish but also smart and flattering. I haven’t had a chance to try any on yet, but this tomboy coat from Zara, looks promising.
  6. Over the past few seasons, my taste has shifted towards smaller bags, I find that I no longer need to carry my whole life around with me and I would love a neat, smallish cross body bag. I have worn my H! by Henry Holland satchel bag to death so I though a similar style might be nice and I have found one from Anu Tera that looks perfect.
  7. I have also been looking into ethical knitwear, trying to find more conscientious  brands to invest in. A lot of them don’t really suit my style but I have found the perfect grey polo neck from Siizu.


S. x