G3 magazine feature

Last month I was contacted by singer/song writer Laura Steel who had been invited in as G3 mag‘s November issue guest editor. She was looking for designers for her fashion feature and wanted to focus on independent female designers who are making it on their own which is an idea that really appealed to me.

They ended up using two of my outfits in a double page spread. I think the image and the clothes look great but was slightly disappointed to see that the blurbs for Eustratia (my label) and Andrea Billard had been printed the wrong way round so people who don’t read the the whole thing and realise it sounds wrong are going to end up looking for underwear and visiting a latex site and vice versa.





Latex bras

The second set from my accessories project with Jennifer Byron features bras and hair flowers/bows as well as perspex cameos. I’m quite pleased with the way the hair and make up came out. Originally there were just going to be for products shots but I’m now using a couple of them for magazine submissions and one on a flyer for Bird’s yard.


Bras montage


Mechanical Dolls

Tim walker has been a great inspiration for me throughout the past couple of years I have been meaning to write a post about him including some of my favourite images for ages but have bee a bit stuck for time recently. I have just seen this video from his latest shoot for vogue Italia, Mechanical dolls and couldn’t resist posting it.

Some of my favourite images from the editorial:

Stocking at Bird’s yard

Today I spent my afternoon in Leeds sorting out my new booth at Bird’s yard. They stock a wide range of products from independent designers, vintage sellers and jewellery makers and I’m intrigued to see how my products do next to all these. I have always liked the feel and concept of the store since I first visited last month (read about it here) and feel excited to be part of it.

whole booth

top shelf: latex accessories

Middle shelf: jewellery


I am reasonably pleased with the way the booth looks considering I had no idea how I was going to lay everything out before I got there but it definitely still needs some work. The items on the top shelf are hardly visible to anyone shorter than 5’10” and would definitely benefit from some small perspex stairs to sit on and the back wall might look nicer covered in the Eustratia wallpaper pattern. I also need to get my brand name on the sign ASAP so people know what they’re looking at. Hopefully there will be more pictures of the improvements to come soon!

Hair board

I had to go through my photobooth pics today to find an inspirational image from my winter collection shoot next week. I didn’t manage to find the specific image I had in mind but looking through the pictures reminded me of a few interesting hairstyles I had forgotten. I have compiled a board of my favourites and plan on putting together a better version at the end of the year with a full range of 2011 styles.