Flower tribe.

I’ve been inspired to create a pastel image set with with tribal influences for nearly a year now and finally had some free time to play around. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use some of my new Bodyjewelleryshop.com pieces in a shoot.

I love trying out new types of body jewellery and the items featured in this set are some of my current favourites.

269b6bae77e511e3b9410edc7135ac19_8Pink synthetic opal ball which I just slot into one of my large septum rings.

3890ab34701111e3af5d121b1d436492_8Blackline internally theaded disk.

d606ec7677e511e392091200855e15e3_8Iridescent crystal labret stud.

a7f16d266ffb11e380210e73a1281d84_8Clear glass plug.

Most of these where sent to me by Bodyjewelleryshop.com (which was super nice of them) but I also included a couple of items from my personal collection, as I do use their site frequently.

To complete the look I added an oversized jewellery set I made myself out of latex, faux pearls and flowers. Though I make stuff nearly every day, I still enjoy putting together costume pieces for shoots and shows.

The flower harness and stripey bralet are part of the upcoming spring range for Eustratia and should be on sale in the near future. I’d love to know what you think of them!

tribal 2tribal 1tribal 3

You see more of my modelling work on my page and the images were taken in my home studio, where we will soon be hosting shoots and model days, by Richard Ayres who has also just finished a fantastic headpiece that will feature in one of our shoots soon. BLOG SIGNATURE

Dark unicorn inspiration

Those of you who have been following my blog for while will have seen the unicorn inspiration board that I posted last year. I’ve been wanting to do a dark unicorn shoot for a while now and have finally managed to arrange it with photographer Jamie Mahon, who’s dark aesthetic should fit the theme perfectly.

I gathered my initial inspiration on a board and I’m excited to see how the ideas evolve from there.

My wardrobe for the shoot is being provided by Eustratia and Richard Ayres and I’m also using some accessories by Sophie Adamson.


Decorative septum rings.

It isn’t very often I see body jewellery that I find interesting these days so when the image below popped up on tumblr I had to do some research and find out where the ring was from.

It’s from Born this way, body art in Knoxville who actually have a tastefully interesting selection of body jewellery.

I’ve included some of my favourites below:

I’m not a big fan of yellow gold so I would probably prefer the white gold version.

I also love the little knuckle duster.

I think hand carved tapers are beautiful in general but these are particularly elegant and detailed.

When I looked at the shop, I realised the septum ring I liked is a bit out of my budget for now so with the help of a fan form my facebook page I found an etsy seller with some with some silver hand made septum rings.

This is the one I thought would suit me best and at $50 it’s a much more sensible option.

I am still looking for something equally as decorative but maybe slightly more badass (maybe in black?) so if you come across anything do let me know!