Candy Latex, pop and pastel colours.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had a temporary intern helping out at the studio. Today was her last day and she was looking through my product pictures album, telling me about the product she liked, when I thought it would be a great idea to get her to write a blog post about them. I think comparing the items to sweets was really clever and hope that she has an awesome time living and working in Berlin for the next few months.

I don’t usually feature posts by others but if you guys enjoy this, let me know and I will look out for other potential guest bloggers.

Candy Latex, pop and pastel colours.

Hi, My names Iasha Masood, and for the past two weeks I’ve been an intern at Eustratia, I have had an amazing two weeks here and got to see so much of the upcoming collection which you should all be super-excited about! I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful for this lovely experience so I wanted to write a guest post about some of my favourite products from Eustratia! Now for the products!…

Some of the Eustratia products look good enough to eat.  You shouldn’t eat latex, but in this blog post I’ll show you why I get hungry looking at some of Eustratia’s sexy designs!

candy latex

The first piece is the Candy stripe bra in these delicious colours; it’s a playful and bold piece which can show off your fun side. The striped design actually accentuates your figure by making you appear taller (and look like a yummy piece of candy!) whilst the style of the cups gives an impression of a bigger bust.  Over the years the Red white combination has been used so much, not just in lollipops and candy but it’s used for Valentine’s Day because it symbolises romance and sweet feelings.

The next one is the super sweet Bow bra, in Bubble-gum pink and light blue the colours look so yummy you could lick them! The bow bra is a simple bra featuring double straps and a design that helps to give a more pushed up look to your bust. The colour scheme is used a classic pastel combination famously used in those fizzy cola bottles that we all loved so much.

Saving the best until the last the mirror dress is one my favourite pieces. It’s a stunning flattering design featuring a reflection of a beautiful fantasy scene with butterflies, flowers and trees. Finished with Eustratia’s signature unicorns. A truly marvellous unique piece this one is not only stunning but its colours are absolutely lick-able featuring bubble-gum pink, mint, and yellow it almost look like you’re a pretty piece of wrapped up candy! This dress has hours and hours of delicate applique work done on it and is just one of the unique pieces from the reflections collection.

iasha signature

“Reflections” collection launch

It’s really exciting to finally be able to launch the “Reflections” collection! As those of you who follow the Eustratia facebook page may know, these items were actually made around 6 months ago but with waiting for publications and working hard for shows, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to get it all sorted.

Though the situation wasn’t ideal for someone who ultimately needs to sell stuff, it did give me the opportunity to design a lookbook for the collection, which I didn’t get the chance to do with the previous ones.

There is also a fashion video of the shoot. You can also see the latex earrings which aren’t visible from the other photos.

The original images were published in Vanity magazine #16, the ambition issue, which can be bought here.

The gallery has been added to the “Collections” section of the Eustratia site and all items have been added to the online store.

Some extra behind the scenes shots from my phone:

Working with such bright colours and bold designs was quite different for me but I really loved the concept and was pleased by the outcome. I’d love to hear what more people thought of my version of bright mirror prints so feel free to comment.