Current Obsessions #12


current obsessions 12Things have been a bit quite on here this week due to having a new house to decorate and shows to organise but I’m going to be posting more news and FAQs soon. I’m also thinking of doing step by steps posts showing how I decorate my house and where I found my furniture etc. so keep an eye out for those too.

This week I’m in love with my new Eustratia pockets mirrors and excited about getting new body jewellery to try out. I’ve been trying hard to find the right sofa and the best way to make silver lips look good (I’m going to be a robot in the TG Manchester show at the end of the month). I’m also sort of missing my fringe. I have a couple of shoot ideas I’ve been meaning to try all year and I really need to get round to them soon, everything seems to be moving along so slowly even though I’m always busy.


Christmas 2012

This year I was working a ridiculous amount of hours, up to Christmas eve so it was nice to be able to relax for a couple of days, I don’t believe it’s all over already.

This Christmas was a nice family affair as usual but it was the first year in a long time that we stayed at home and I had the opportunity to take pictures. I decided to make a little diary of my day.

4797fbe64ee311e2ab6722000a9e087c_7 My wintery room decorations!c22235d04ee211e29c6822000a1f9688_7At Christmas I always try to make my room look a bit nicer, this year I changed all the drapes to white. 016c14ba4fbd11e2b45222000a1f97b0_7

12273_10151349175345365_1220385515_nChristmas tree!

37065_10151349009385365_381455132_nMistletoe for my parents to kiss under!

154451_10151349012195365_1846923710_nMy stocking!

148693_10151349643220365_309811629_nPresents from my girlie friends <3

557305_10151349055480365_630028588_nMy friend Amy from Am Statik latex sent me this in exchange for one of my key necklaces which I sent her a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t expecting anything in return and this is certainly worth more!

524b8e944ee411e2ad1322000a9e28e6_7Chistmas face! I decided to do a curly updo.

15471_10151348017370365_1715759354_nI wore black and nude because I really love my new flocked leggings and I knew my dress was going to be similar colours.

525148_10151349253170365_1862595796_nShoes! This was probably my favourite present but I bought them for myself so I’m not sure if it counts.

28748_10151349261510365_1026819791_nMy second favourite present was my amazing new waste paper bin. My old bin was red and plastic and gave me a headache every time I looked at it so I was desperate to get rid of it!

61d5841c52f611e28df922000a9f1991_7I ended up wearing a sort of miss matched outfit of what I decided to wear when I got up and loads of new stuff on top of it but I thought it looked OK. I even put my antlers on for Christmas lunch.

d6cf7f6452f311e28e7522000a1fbe50_7Then I helped Scamper open with special doggy chocolate!

164635_10151351699190365_130740489_nNo Christmas is complete without new accessories!

16806_10151349762980365_2010849429_nI also made a start on my new obsession, goldstone, opal and cracked quartz plugs.

Hopefully more nice and peaceful Christmases will follow in future years


Christmas list


I’m actually quite  organised this year and have done most of my Christmas shopping already! I enjoy picking out presents for people as much as I enjoy compiling lists of what I’d like myself and that’s what makes posts like this so fun.

I don’t think an adult can ever be as excited about Christmas as a child and that’s why I always make sure I ask for some fun things to bring back those memories instead of just boring stuff like money, work stuff and driving lessons (which I did actually ask for this year).

Christmas list 12

1. grey coloured contacts. £15 I thought these would be fun to use for shoots, I get bored of my eye colour sometimes.

2. Lindt stracciatella truffles. You can’t have Chrismas without chocolate! I usually list the white ones as my favourite but stracciatella sounds even better!

3. Peal trim earmuffs £12 topshop. I wear earmuffs a lot in winter because they keep your ears warmer and don’t mess up your hair as much as a hat. I thought these were funny because of the pearls.

4. Bligtone eyeshadow in purple haze. This is listed at £16 online but I’m sure it was under £10 last time I got some from boots.

5. Black facet headband £2 ebay. Simple and cheap, headbands are always useful when I’m working.

6. flocked damask leggings £20 Dorothy perkins

7. goldstone saddle plugs £5 I really love the colour of these but I think my bf already bought me on and he thought it looked black which is a shame :(.

8. Quartz & silver wire ring $22 bluembrownie on etsy I’ve wanted a silver ring with a big stone or crystal for ages and it’s so hard to find nice ones that don’t cost the earth.

9. skull and flowers plug £10 uk custom plugs. Not usually my sort of thing but I really fancy these for a change.

10. shattered look crystal quartz plugs £10

11. triple septum ring and iridescent plate nose stud . Really like both of these but they were quite expensive and from an American site so I hope to find something similar from somewhere easier to order from.

12. Just realised I have 2 number 12s! studded leather shorts £48 and tie dyes velvet leggings (so comfy) £20 topshop.

13. Jeffrey Campbell Holy . £150.

14. lazer cut shoes £120 topshop

15. Deer washbag £15

16. too faced nake eye palette £30 boots (or less on ebay sometimes) Really need to replace this one, it was useful.

17. Little deer iphone case £4 ebay. My current case is pretty dead so I need a new one.

18. contour palette. £15 ebay. Always wanted one of these but never got round to buying it.

19. flocked storage boxes £10 ebay. Been watching these since the summer, I think it’s time…

20. snowflake iphone case $35 I totally need to get on society6 when I have some time to sort it out!

21. Adjustable mannequin sizes 8-14. £120 ebay. This would be really useful for making clothes, shame it doesn’t currently fit anywhere at the moment.

22. Shabby chic bin. £20 ebay. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for wanting this but not having a nice bin instead of a red plastic one that stands out like a sore thumb would really make a difference in my room.

23. Unicorn purse and beauty products £36 Not only is the purse cute but the products are colours that I would wear!

24. Mini chest of drawers £18.95 These would be perfect to sit on my shelf for some extra storage space.

25. socks £5 topshop. Socks are a classic xmas present and these looked particularly nice and comfy.

Wow, so that look longer than expected! I’m supposed to be making my Eustratia Christmas hamper samples so I better get back to work!

Writing lists is exciting even thought you know that you probably won’t get most of what’s on there but it’s always interesting to compare afterwards :).