Eustratia Halloween Favourites and SALE!

Every year, I notice it’s coming up to Halloween on about the 10th of October and decide to schedule an appropriate photoshoot and a “top picks” collage from designs for Eustratia.

This year, I decided to be a bit more pro-active and post my selections early. This gives you guys more time to think about your outfit and also coincides with the mini SALE I’ve just put on for the remainder of the week! (but obviously you’d have to make up your mind quick for that, end midnight on Saturday GMT).

I’m not really into items that I see as tacky, or anything that is specific to a particular character, though I do love dressing up. I prefer to choose items that can make an impressive addition to a costume, but are versatile and can also be used in other situations.

eustratia halloween favourites

Here we have a few examples of items I have incorporated into past costumes but continue to come in useful today.

The Elizabethan Ruff

The latexlace mask

The bunny hood, bunny mask fascinator and bunny ear fascinator

The antler headband

The miniruff trim collar

and the kitty ears.

These are just some easy options I picked to save you looking through the whole website, if you have some spare time though, there are plenty more wonders in the sale section. Harnesses of any type are also a great choice in my opinion. They give a distinctive “tough” look that can also be toned down enough to wear every day, with the right outfit.

If you have something extra special planned and nothing on the site will quite do, I’m always happy to take on custom commissions and I will offer 20% off those until Saturday. That includes crowns, horns and hair covered, sculptured head pieces that you may have noticed in some of my work.

To give you some inspiration, here are some of my costumes from previous years that I’ve been photographed in:




Jamie Mahon-5418a





A few of these are a bit old now, but I hope you enjoy looking at them all the same.



A change in circumstance.

Around the time that my laptop broke and I stopped writing here regularly, I also lost my childhood dog of 18 years, Scamper, who I have previously featured in an outfit post, here.

It wasn’t possible for me not to have a dog in my life and I was very lucky to find my dream dog, in need of a new home.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 17.24.18This is Charlie, the fluffy wolf.

Then one day we met a beautiful female that looked a bit like him and decided he could do with a play mate.


This is Ziva, her name means brilliance or brightness in Hebrew but it seems she didn’t get such a great start in life.

1501843_10152751785305365_272361432752886498_nBoth dogs were under two years of ages when they came to live with us and had already had several homes.

10401403_10152792368405365_527676189745891949_nI’m glad to be able to offer them a safe and happy place to live.

10614267_10152759682785365_2515092036977737445_nEven though they do various naughty things…

1661042_10152787837000365_8956717407016056294_nSometimes they behave like little angles.


As cute as these guys are, they are also a lot of work and I have had to make changes to my schedule in order to offer them everything that they need and my blog has ended up suffering.

From the new year, I will be introducing a new program and finalising the layout changes I started in the summer and I’m really looking forward to getting back on track.