Christmas gift ideas

I realised I haven’t done any shopping/wish list type posts for ages so I’ve put together a board with my top 10 affordable gift ideas (a lot of which are on my list too).

  • christmas wishlist 131. Round cushions, £6.99 Ebay
  • 2. Chandelier, £38.00 ebay or BHS
  • 3. Box frame, £4 Ikea
  • 4. LED cherry blosson tree, £34.99 Ebay
  • 5. White stag head, £50 ebay
  • 6. White candelabra, £32.90
  • 7. Waffle maker, £23.99 Ebay
  • 8. Scatter lights, £5 Ikea
  • 9. Note book, £4 Ikea
  • 10. Oil burner, £4.95 Ebay


Eustratia, top 10 gifts under £20!

I wanted to put together a little board showing some of the affordable gifts available through my website. Usually, people who have seen my clothes automatically assume that everything I sell is expensive. This isn’t true, my products have a very low mark up compared to other companies, some of them just happen to be quite labor-intensive. I like creating elaborate outfits but also understand there is beauty in simplicity and a cute piece to finish off an outfit can be uncomplicated and inexpensive while still looking great.

I created Eustratia to make my vision accessible to customers of all budgets and feel like I’m well on the way to achieving that.

gifts under 201. Stripey folded hair flower, £15.

2. Moth-girl T-shirt, £12.50

3. Avalon head chain, £18

4. Unicorn headband, £15

5. Latex bow cuff, £6.50

6. Stocking toppers, £10 (or 15 with trim)

7. Bow earrings, £13

8. Tote bag, £6.50

9. Standard fingerless gloves, £18.50

10. Standard latex pasties, £18


Current Obsessions #12


current obsessions 12Things have been a bit quite on here this week due to having a new house to decorate and shows to organise but I’m going to be posting more news and FAQs soon. I’m also thinking of doing step by steps posts showing how I decorate my house and where I found my furniture etc. so keep an eye out for those too.

This week I’m in love with my new Eustratia pockets mirrors and excited about getting new body jewellery to try out. I’ve been trying hard to find the right sofa and the best way to make silver lips look good (I’m going to be a robot in the TG Manchester show at the end of the month). I’m also sort of missing my fringe. I have a couple of shoot ideas I’ve been meaning to try all year and I really need to get round to them soon, everything seems to be moving along so slowly even though I’m always busy.