Current Obsessions #32

current obsession 32This week I’m looking for promotional photoshoot inspiration. I’m hopefully going to be able to finish, shoot and release my spring/summer range which is pretty exciting. You might have seen a few pieces at VAUVAU but I’ve done some rearranging since then. I’m also loving 3D printing and wish I had the chance to try it out myself. Still working toward my giant paper flowers. I’ve featured them a few times but hopefully they will work out for me this time.


Current Obsessions #20

I’ve decided to keep the current obsessions post going for a bit longer and see how they evolve.

current obsessions #20This week I’m obsessed with lingerie and how to store it, ombre nails and making interesting, healthier deserts. I also really love this set of modern matryoshka dolls, I’d like to make something similar for my house.