The list

I always enjoyed making Chistmas lists when I was younger and continue to as an adult. I’ve always been quite specific about what I wanted and my parents didn’t always find it easy getting the exact item I meant so, where possible, I used to include images from magazines/catalogues. Being able to find pretty much anything online makes this so much easier and even saves time on the cutting out.

1. Damask blackberry case, £27

2/3. faux fur hats, ebay

4. Black chiffon split maxi skirt £37 miss selfridge

5. White sleeveless blouse £35 oasis

6. Stag ring £5 ebay

7. corset belt £35 topshop

8. chain and quartz earrings £40 all saints

9. annmarie skirt by jones and jones at topshop £46

10. grey nail polish

11. 20 hole black patent dr. martens £110

12. winter cocktail truffles £22 hotel chocolate

13. jacquard print skirt £20 miss selfridge

14. shannon collar coat £140 monsoon

15. lindt irish cream truffles £6

16. snowflake and deer leggings £14 ebay

17. pu panel knicker £22 miss selfridge

18. Matt grey dr.martens £80

19. full circle bow tie blouse £85

20. phase eight cotton lace blouse £45

21. Biba satin and sheer stripe blouse £51

I have tried to keep the list as realistic as possible and not ask for extortionately priced designer goods even though I would have liked to. Hopefully I have been good this year and will get some of these, despite having already spent the majority of my xmas money on a not so profitable clothes show live.

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