2011 Recap

Though 2011 hasn’t been a particularly great year for me, I feel the last day of the year calls for a recap to say goodbye and welcome the new year. It will also give me something to compare new years achievements to.

So this year I have:

  • Launched my own label.
  • Moved on from just latex to having my own jewellery line and starting production of some fabric garments.
  • Attended various trade shows and fairs, including clothes show live.
  • Had modelling work published in a book, 4 magazines and two calenders.
  • Had design work published in 6 magazines.
  • Walked in 8 fashion shows for various designers.
  • Had my designs feature in 3 fashion shows.
  • Explored my CAD design skills to the point where I feel comfortable producing work for others.

Inspirational images 2011

I wanted to add more to this post and might get the chance to at a later date.


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