Emma Hardie skincare review

I have now been using Emma Hardie products for over a year and feel I know enough about them to give an honest and informed review. I have tried most of the products in the range now and wanted to share my favourites.


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The most well-known product, is the Moringa cleansing balm, which has achieved almost “cult” beauty status, with hosts of bloggers reviewing it and singing its praises. I also have this and use it on days when I wear a lot of makeup, but the products I wanted to talk about today are as follows:

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The amazing face protect and prime:

This is a priming moisturiser with SPF, specially formulated with Mongongo Oil, Oat Extract and Vitamin E. I use it every day.

I like that it doubles up as a primer as I don’t bother using a separate one day to day and it helps keep my BB cream in place.

 If I ever forget to apply it before my morning dog walk, I do notice the difference, my face feels dry and more exposed to the elements.

It does feel like a cross between a moisturiser and a primer when applied to the skin and has a light fragrance, which I think is a blend of rose and essential oils, similar to most Emma Hardie products.

Though I’m not crazy about the colour of the packaging, I find the pump really handy and like how sturdy it is. If I’m travelling, I just throw it in my bag and have never had any problems with leakage. I find other products with similar packaging often have a loose lid that falls off easily, meaning the pump could accidentally be compressed, covering the contents of your bag in product.

This has become my go-to moisturiser because it combines everything that I need day to day and I can easily just squeeze some on before I leave in the morning. I don’t even have to worry about screwing a lid back on properly.

Buy it: £45 from Emma Hardie

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Brilliance facial oil:

A moisturising and brightening oil containing 9 essential oils and 5 plant oils.

I know a lot of people say this when they first try facial oil, but I was seriously expecting it to make my skin more oily or cause me to break out. I have actually tried other oils in the past and found they did just that.

This time however, I was pleasantly surprised. I actually think this oil helps minimise breakouts, it has genuine brightening properties and leaves me skin feeling and looking smoother and more hydrated. I don’t always wake up thinking how amazing my skin looks, but it definitely happens more often after starting to use the Emma Hardie brilliance facial oil.

The packaging of this is beautiful. Even before I was sure that it would suit my skin, I wanted it to be part of my vanity display. The quality is evident in every element and the dropper is the perfect way to distribute the oil.

I was also quite surprised by the size of this and how long it lasts. I use this every two days and I estimate a 30 ml. bottle would last me a year, making the £31 totally worth it.

Buy it: £31 from SPACE NK

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Mydas touch face serum:

Concentrated collagen-boosting, skin-firming face serum.

I mostly use this around my eyes and mouth, where I feel my skin is losing its elasticity or starting to form fine lines.

What I particularly love about this is that you can also add it to sensitive or spot-prone areas without fear of irritation or oiliness. It feels very light and silky on the skin and is easily absorbed.

This comes in a cylindrical box that is way too big for it. It looks impressive, but is not at all practical if you purchase it on a trip, like I did. I ended up having to ditch outer packaging because it didn’t fit in my bag.

The internal packaging, I feel is perfect and I love the chunky pen shape.

Pressing the bottom of the “pen” releases a small blob of product, ensuring there is no waste.

This is quite pricey so I use it around 3 times a week but I don’t think any more than that would be necessary.

£59, Cult Beauty

Emma hardie review favourite products by aestheticcontradiction

I hope it was useful to hear about my favourite products and how I use them. If you use any of these, I’d love to know what you think and if you use them in a similar way.

Emma Hardie also do not test their raw ingredients or finished products on animals, They do not sell to China and are in the process of having a leaping bunny logo added to their site.


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