Unicorn shoot

I previously posted an inspiration board for my unicorn shoot with Jennifer Byron photography featuring a mask my Tom Banwell so I thought I should probably post the outcome as well.

I ended up shooting 3 outfit variations. Part of my original outfit had been lost at VAU VAU the week before and I hadn’t had time to replace it so I had to improvise.

Outfits by Eustratia.


  1. Satis 2nd April 2012 / 4:22 am

    I particularly like gnj6932sm and gnj6966sm (nos. 6 & 8 as posted above). There is a beautiful contrast between the earthy browns and greens of the trees and the brilliant white of the outfit. No. 8 has a wealth of interest in focus, from the beaded necklace to the mask’s eye detail (I’m glad you took this close-up – the mask is beautiful). Lining the horn up with the sun is a nice touch. Great shots!

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