Accessory moment no.2

I know I’m way overdue with this so I’m going to try and post a second accessory moment at some point this week. I haven’t totally mastered fitting my blogging schedule around my other deadlines yet but I think I’m getting better.

Last weeks accessories were all about the spikes. I needed them to toughen up my otherwise girly and “safe” outfit.

1. Spike headband. I’m sure you’ve seen these all over the place by now but I decided I kind of wanted one so I DIYed it, It was very easy. I used a strip of leather but you could use whatever you want really, I just made some holes along it and stuck some spikes in. Then I bought a plastic hair band from my local fabric store and super glued the leather around it.

2. I’ve been getting really into statement earrings at the moment. Haven’t ever really worn hoops before but I love these spiked ones. I’m sure I could find some quirky boutique that sells similar for £30 but these are just off ebay for £6. The same shop also had some other nice ones which I had to buy while I was finding the link for you guys.

3. Chrome stretchy spike bracelet. This was bought for me a gift and is from NO:WEAR in Camden market but I’ve also seen them around online. I have a black variant which I wear more often but this one is also fun sometimes.

I’ve just noticed that the earrings look like they shine different colours in the light!

I also changed some of my body jewellery this week and found that Body jewellery shop is a great site to get blackline and internally threaded stuff.

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