Product of the day

I’ve recently started a new feature on the Eustratia facebook page. Every day I post a picture of one of my products, shot on the stand, and include the link to the product in the online shop. Each week I also choose a product to discount, so anyone who buys it on that day gets 15% off.

This feature gives me the opportunity to showcase my products in an interesting way and draw people’s attention to new products they may not have noticed yet, as well as older products that may have been forgotten.

Wed28thAug Latex POTD Lace braToday’s product is a new product, the latexlace 1/4 cup bra, it has just been added to the site and you can find it here. This is one of my favourite pieces from the Persephone range and I have added a 15% discount for anyone who wishes to purchase in it the next day!

I’d like to thank my lovely temporary intern, Iasha for putting together this graphic and editing lots of the images fro me.






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