Gift certificates!

Every so often I get someone asking about gift vouchers. I’m usually so busy that I forget about the request without doing anything about it but this time I’ve managed to put some together.

They start from just £15 and go up to £100 so they cater for a whole range of budgets.

GIFT VOUCHER 15The vouchers are being sold through my etsy shop as this was the platform that best caters for this sort of thing but I am happy to add extra products if they are not yet available on there.

Each certificate will include a unique code that can be added at checkout. Select “other payment method” and add the code in the “instructions to seller” box.

Customers can choose to have the voucher sent by post or email, depending on if they would like to give it as a physical gift or not. The ones sent out by post will most likely include more details.

The names will need to be filled in by the buyer.

GIFT VOUCHER 100P.S. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration this week, go and check out Anti.Muse, who has recently featured Eustratia in her latex love series!




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