London fashion week AW 14/15 PART 1.

I’ve just returned from my trip to LFW and will be sharing this season’s experiences with you in diary style posts. I have decided to present our adventures in 3 parts to keep them short, sweet and interesting.

The night before we left was stormy and there was a brief moment when it seemed like we weren’t going to be able to make it down, but by the morning trains were running again and we arrived in London with just 20 minutes behind schedule.

Our first stop was Lucinda Sinclair’s studio where the Vauhaus girls shot for Sanctus on a windy roof top.

bts1Left to right: Amber, myself, Lucinda, Toria and Hazel.

I shot for one of their previous lines about a year ago and you can see the shoot here but it was nice to get the opportunity to meet Lucinda in person and hang out.

The next morning we headed to our first show all together. It was raining. I found myself wishing I’d brought a selection of outerwear so my street-style photos didn’t all end up looking the same but alas, my suitcase was heavy enough already.

My outfit:

wall1wall3wall2Hat: Asos, Shirt: H&M, lace blazer: Ebay, pleated maxi skirt: Jane Norman, quartz necklace: handmade, feather necklace: Richard Ayres, body jewellery:

Thanks to Amber for the pics.

Our first show of the season was Jaime Wei Huang. The young designer presented a modern collection with many contrasting elements but a sleek, consistent feel. She was inspired by the film “the Pianist” and specifically the characters behind the refugees.

jaime wei huangOpposites really inspire me in general so I’m always happy to see a collection with juxtaposing features. Huang mixed heavy and light fabrics, utilitarian features with classic silhouettes and masculine shapes on the female form.

The mood of the show was quite sombre and the models walked quietly and spaced out, allowing viewers to take a good look at the garments but maybe also the character beneath, perhaps a glimmer of the of the refugee’s pre-war identity .

Key features such as the trapper hats, oversized funnel collars and thick buckled straps recreate the resourcefulness of war and show how necessity can form fashion statements.

P1010186-1024x902A lot of the pieces in this collection are highly wearable and would make practical but eye-catching wardrobe staples. My personal favourites are the textured leather gillette and the black jacket.

After the show, I also got the chance to briefly meet Pandemonia Panacea and snowy.

1780799_589915891085833_1269690304_nHere’s the whole team and what we wore.


Rebelicious Vivi

This month Rebelicious have featured Vivi Sterling as their cover girl! Vivi has recently joined Vauhaus and was photographed by Toria Brightside, wearing Eustratia for the cover story.


viviYou can read Vivi’s full interview  and the rest of the mag here.

As she mentions at some point in the interview, you can expect more projects from us in the future! We’re currently in the early stages of planning studio day where aspiring models can receive coaching, styling and great photos in a comfortable environment, which equal amounts of support and fun.

Details regarding the wprkshops and the first Eustratia open house event, coming soon. Spaces will be limited so if you’d like to be the first to find out be sure to join our mailing list!


London Fashion Week adventure: Part 1

My friend, Toria Brightside recently started a new agency, Vauhaus. I visited Leeds for the launch event and ended up getting invited to London Fashion Week.

Toria was invited to cover shows for some magazines and thought it would be more fun and helpful to get a small team together, that sounded like a great idea to me and this is my contribution and account of the events.


I met Toria at Oxford Circus on Thursday afternoon, overloaded with far too many bags of clothes, shoes and equipment. After a quick cigarette and an excited chat we met up with her friend James, dropped off our stuff and started getting ready to attend  our first presentation.

What we wore: IMG_1674IMG_1675We went to a new collection promotion by Carlotta Actis Barone at the Wolf and Badger in Mayfair . We enjoyed complimentary champagne and nibbles while browsing the  lovely clothes and watching models parade around in the designer’s S/S 14 line. The silhouettes were elegant and the models were gorgeous, though it would have been nice to see some of the pieces in a colour other than beige. I was also interested in some of the pieces already on sale in store.


IMG_1691IMG_1676Next we headed to Carnaby Street where the streets were flooded with people to watch and almost every shop was offering promotions and fashion week treats. The highlight was definitely Eleven Paris where a lively crowd was dancing to a set by New Yorker Larry Tee. We chatted to Larry, filmed and photographed the crowd and were treated to a set of photobooth pictures in funny hats.


1236398_10152547397025931_846362447_n1236441_10152547397005931_802611443_n1186707_10151846987005365_617332844_nWe finished off the evening with a free shot and went back to get some rest so we could appreciate the first set of shows.


In the morning we went to Fashion Scout for the Ones to Watch showcase.

What we wore:

IMG_1773IMG_1788 While in the queue (which we had to rejoin after each show) we were photographed for a variety of blogs and magazines and were also presented with goodie bags containing a magazine, Bodyshop eyeshadows, popcorn and coconut water (which I’m pretty sure no one at  the entire event could actually bring themselves to finish)

Helen Lawrence presented a contemporary collection featuring hotpants and acetate skirts, paired with really wearable pieces, including jumpers and asymmetrically cut shorts. She contrasted pops of colour such as fluorescent yellow, baby pink and sky blue with a muted pallet of black, khaki and grey. All overlaid by black rubbery scribbles.

helen lawrence

The next day I spotted some of her collection in display in the main hall.

details2Hannah Williams showed a consistent range of white, lilac and grey with strong shoulders, boxy but elegant silhouettes and a variety of 3D details.

hannah williamsThis collection was the most surprising for me, as I perceived the garments one way as they came down the catwalk and a totally different way when I saw them up close in the static exhibition. I’ve often wondered why people reference the wrong materials when they review designers’ work, but it must just be because garments can look completely different on the catwalk.

I initially thought the look was achieved by embossing spongy neoprene but after a closer look, I realised they were moulded out of liquid latex. The edges were quite raw looking and the design on the bag was reminiscent of an old wall carving that had stated to erode. The effect had a certain element of imperfection that I found beautiful.

details1Renli Su was probably my favourite from this showcase, with casual but interesting layered combinations. Knits featured heavily and the range had a bucolic nomad feel, finished off by delicately knitted bonnets and hoods, oversized neck pouches and large blanket-like sashes.

renli suI enjoyed looking at these close up:

details 3The next show was hosted in an upstairs room at Fashion Scout Freemasons Hall with a catwalk framed by intricately carved wooden arches and an incensy aroma. It was very crowded but we managed to find a good spot so we could see the outfits. A track with a French sound and music box elements set the mood for the beautiful and feminine collection by Yeashin. Youthful, doll-faced models with flowing hair came out looking like dolls or modern Disney princesses. They wore short A-line dresses of satin and pleated chiffon with ruffle trim, lace trim hats and bow details.

yeashinThe final collection of the day was by Bernard Chandran. He mixed a variety of metallic colours and glittery fabrics in a striking collection combining Asian, retro and contemporary influences. It was dominated by dresses, which only made the beautifully cut tailored jumpsuits stand out more. Key details included contrast panels in glittery square-patterned fabric, flared out sleeves/legs/peplums, fullness in unusual places, crystal encrusted harnesses and coloured 3D spirals. My favourite feature where the harnesses and I loved the ball-gowns, the giant glittery headphones were a nice touch too.

bernardIn the evening we decided to check out East Block where Larry Tee and Roberto Piqueras were DJing, stopping off for some extravagantly prepared but not so balanced cocktails at the Night Jar on the way.

photo(5)We had heard it was going to be a crazy night so we dressed appropriately.

photo(4)Consequently, Tori had to explain what was good about latex to this man on the tube.

IMG_2315IMG_2304IMG_2297IMG_2308More about our London adventure in the next post!