This season, Manchester fashion week will be introducing an independent designer showcase and I’m really excited to have been selected to take part.

Aside from a great opportunity for my label, Eustratia, and the other designers, I think it adds edge to the event, which previously showcased mainly high street fashion and draws attention city in general, giving Manchester a chance to show off the talent in its midst.

My showcase date is Saturday the 19th of April and I will be showing my A/W 14 collection, inspired by nature and the dark shadow mankind casts over the planet. Tickets are £16.20 and can be purchased here.

As part of the online promotion for the event I was featured on A-listed magazine‘s “designer talk” section and the official MCRFW blog.

You can view them on the respective sites but I have also pasted what they wrote on here.

Designer Talk


Sam Saeed

Dark, sultry and dangerously seductive.  There is something incredibly enchanting about ‘Eustratia’. Like something out of a fairy tale, designer Stacy Mavrou talks about her collection as a clash between fashion, fetish and art.

Beautifully handmade, with the ultimate attention to detail, Stacey works with latex amongst other fabrics to produce wearable and unique pieces.

At the age of 3, Stacey was taught to sew by her Greek Grandmother, also a seamstress. The name of her collection ‘Eustratia’ also resonates with her Greek heritage meaning  ‘good’ or ‘right’ path.

Her talent passion and ambition grew over the years – Stacey recalls how she simply had her bedroom floor as a studio and a grant from the Princess Trust which enabled her to pave her career as a reputable Manchester based designer.

Stacey added: “I enjoy trends and fashion but I prefer clothes that are versatile and can be carried forward from season to season, I therefore aim to achieve a unique but timeless quality within my work”.

This season, Stacey has been inspired by nature, contrasting textures and colours and the dark shadow cast over earth and mankind.  The much anticipated collection due to be released at this year’s Manchester Fashion Week 2014 #MCRFW14 will feature a muted base palette with contrasting textured or embellished panels, a multitude of layered appliques featuring contrasting textures and pops of colour.

You can learn more about the brand and view all previous collections at Eustratia.


Eustratia will be showcasing at MCRFW14 on Saturday the 19th, get tickets: (above)


Eustratia are an upcoming fashion
boutique specializing in Latex clothing, lingerie and accessories. The creator behind the clothes;
Stacey Mavrou

Below are some images from the Lookbook! For all you fashion forward ladies!

Ticket Web MCRFW

These stunning lingerie pieces are not only very ‘out there’ and extremely cool, they look amazing on! If you want to see more of their gorgeous latex clothing they are having an event!!! On the 21st March, From 10pm onwards:


VAU VAU fashion show

I’ve recently started planning for my next fashion show which is going to take place on the 27th of this month, in Leeds. The show has been organised by the amazing Toria Brightside and is being held in and amazing church which you can check out here. I always thought a church would be a great venue for a fashion show and what’s more is, all the proceeds go to charity! Tickets also go on sale today so if anyone would like to come please contact Toria or post a comment here.

I also designed the logo for this which was quite fun as I usually only do graphics for my own label and artwork. They wanted something simple that would work in both black and pale pink so this is what it ended up like.Then Amber turned it into an amazing ticket.

The facebook events page is here-  so check it out and come along if you’re in the are. There will be fashions shows by a variety of different designers, cash only market where you can find work by independent designers and artists, including one off pieces.

The models involved in the show are all stunning, a mixture of new faces and big names that are sure to do the show justice and I will also be stepping in for the finale!

I have named my part of the show “Faeries and Demons” and it will feature music and visuals by Dave Abbott. He also did the last piece for my TG show, which I got lots of compliments for.

More info regarding my show in particular, coming soon!