I always feel like Autumn calls for a wardrobe update and maybe even a bit of a style change so  I’ve picked out some of my new wardrobe staples in black and grey (there was also going to be a colourful thing but it didn’t really fit in.

AUTUMN1. Leather jacket by MUUBAA, this is just one of the styles I liked. Usually £350-£400.

2. Slouchy/batwing jumper. This sequin one is £59.99 from Zara.

3. Strappy mesh bra, £18 topshop

4. Strappy mini, £10 topshop

5. fine knit cardigan, £20 H&M

6. Damask skinny jeans, £25 Ebay

7. Rune vest, £22 Ghostly Chic

8. Jeffrey Campbell Alva hi-top, $150 Solestruck

9. Faux fur collar, £12.34 Ebay


Unicorn inspiration

I’m currently in the process of planning a shoot with Jennifer Byron, featuring a unicorn mask by Tom Banwell. After seeing his black rabbit mask around so much over the past year or so I was quite excited at the idea of a unicorn one.

Tom Banwell unicorn mask, complete with leather eyelashes

I’m not totally sure how much masks suit me so I’m going to make extra effort with the rest of the outfit to make sure it looks good.

When I started analysing the options I realised I didn’t know that much about unicorns and their origin so I decided to read up on them a bit. There is plenty of information online but one of the most interesting things I found was on wikipedia. Though unicorns were fist mentioned by the ancient Greeks, they are not found in Greek mythology but rather in accounts of natural history. Greek writers of natural history were convinced of the reality of the unicorn, which they located in India, a distant and fabulous realm for them. The earliest description is from Ctesias who described them as wild asses, fleet of foot, having a horn, a cubit and a half in length and colored white, red and black. Being from Greece myself I was quite suprised not to have heard this before but then again it isn’t really the kind of this they would bother teaching in school.

unicorn moodboard

I put together a vague board of unicorn-related inspiration but was actually surprised by how little I found that was to my taste. I think this shoot will be a good opportunity to create some unicorn-related imagery and accessories that aren’t overly childish or classic fantasy inspired.

I would like to keep the look with the mask quite close to the original depiction of the unicorn as possible so its going to be all white but I also like the idea of the black unicorn so I may do a second, darker look that I can play around with more.

My favourite items from the moodboard are the origami unicorns, I’d love to be able to make some of these for the shoot (especially a life-size one) but I gave it a try this afternoon and actually found it quite hard. If any origami experts happen to read this, please get in touch!

Trend: Brogues

In the past I’ve always considered brogues or similar styles of footwear something very style-specific that is not easy for a female to wear but I’ve seen so many creative takes on them around this season I’m seriously considering getting some. With androgynous styles ranging from classic to eccentric, girly flats, a whole range of different heels and chunky platforms there is bound to be something for everyone. I have included some of my personal favourites in this collage.

1. Asos Mr dogtooth brogue £32.00

2. Next black patent trim wedge shoe boots. £55.00

3. TK Maxx £32.00

4. Pilot high heel lace up brogue shoe £35.00

5. Platform wedge brogues by Japanese brand R&E Rosessence I’d really love to buy these but can’t actually find them on the site so if anyone has seen them or similar ones around please let me know!

6. Melissa Joy and Alexander white brogues £60.00

7. Bank grey heeled brogues £30.00

8. Melessa x J Markey Crystal ‘Joy’ Brogues. These are a bit older so not sure if they are available to purchase any more

9. Dorothy perkins Black mega platform town shoes £49.00 also available in burgundy

10. Melissa Joy and Alexander Herchcovitch lii black glitter brogue £59.50

11. Alexandre Herchcovitch X Melissa Patent Troupe Wedge Brogue on sale at for £58.00

12. Pewter brogues on sale at miss selfridge for £12.00

13. Glitter girly flat brgues

14. Melissa Kissing lace up ankle boots £75.00 (also available in black)

Buying inspiration

Since the beginning of the month I have been thinking that I probably need an Autumn wardrobe update. This is a particularly exciting concept because the trends on the highstreet may actually have changed! The Summer ’11 trends weren’t my thing at all (70s floral patterns *shudder*) so I resulted to shopping predominantly online for a whole season and am now subsequently feeling out of touch with the shops. I’m hoping that I will find some items that can be a valuable addition to my wardrobe on my next visit to town but I don’t actually know what I’m looking for or have any mental image of the new style I would like to take on for Winter.

I decided it would help if I made a list of items or features I have felt strongly about over the last couple of years and see where it takes me.

1. The ruff

After studying the ruff as part of my FMP for university I acquired a variety of beautiful images and started making my own to wear.

Inspiration ruffs:

credits left to right: Ashley Smith, Marko Mitanovski, unknown from stylecunt, Bibian blue, unknown, Ashley smith.

My ruffs:

photographer credits left to right: Julian M Kilsby, Neal Lewis, Jennifer Byron, Jason harry

2. Bib/ruffle/bow front blouse

Cute blouses

I’ve had quite a few variations of such items over the past few years but it seems they are still in and while looking for pictures I can across some new season items that might do.

3. Longline bras (preferably worn as outerwear)

topshop longline bras

Most of these are from topshop and I actually bought quite a few of them last year. There don’t seem to be many nice ones out for the new season though so I’ve decided to look out for bustiers instead.

4. Leather jackets

I bought two last winter but since English summers aren’t the warmest I ended up wearing them all through the summer as well so am probably due a replacement.

Jackets left to right: Todd Lynn, Rick Owens, some Balmain rip off, Monsoon, all saints, Burberry Prorsum, Balmain

I found loads of beautiful leather jackets, however most of them were not even slightly within my budget. The winner is the monsoon one in the middle as it has a nice shape and is affordable but if I could choose any I would go for the Balmain one at the end.

5. Patterned tights

Having modeled for (probably the most committed tights comparison site in the uk) a couple of times last year, its been a while since I’ve had to buy tights. Having a dog however, means that I go through them quite quickly no matter how many I get given or how good the quality is (Maybe I should start my own reviews on which ones withstood Scamper’s claws the longest). If I had to recommend a particular brand for quality and interesting designs it would definitely be trasparenze, otherwise you can get quite a good variety on ebay at the moment.

Patterned and fishnet tights

6. Platforms

Since I stopped wearing alternative platforms a few years ago I have been searching for something equally as comfortable that coincides with my current style. Though I have a great collection of heels, boots, wedges and flats I still haven’t found something slightly higher off the ground that is suitable for both every day wear and going out.

variety of shoes from office, polygrove and iron fistkg

I have bought the first one on here, purely because it was ridiculously cheap in the office sale and will probably get an other pair of iron fist shoes soon but generally, I don’t think any of these fit the requirements better than the irregular choice flashing light boots I bought last year.

7. Blazers

Having never been a fan of the preppy look I didn’t really wear blazers until recently but with so many new lace, cropped and stylized variations emerging they are bound to become a new favourite.

blazers left to right: H&M, miss selfridge, forever 21, ebay, monsoon, H&M, ebay

I have a lace one and a short sleeved black one so I will probably go for the monsoon one with the pleated sleeve and the grey one next, something stripey is also a possibility.

8. Leggings

My love of panelled and studded leggings has been growing over the past couple of years as more have become available. At the moment I wear leggings nearly every day as they are comfortable to move around and work in and all my favourite pairs are pretty much ruined. I wish I had the machinery to make some myself as I have a few ideas I’d like to try out and I feel adding some more casual items to my range would be beneficial.

Leggings left to right: minkpink sidekick panel leggings, wolford starlet leggings, club L studded leggings, Eleonora carisi panel leggings, rachel Freire suspender leggings, republic clubL lace trim, Rachel Freire Lynch leggings,Johnatha Ashton panel leggings, alexa slash leggings, Maison Martin Margiela panel leggings

I would actually love all of these!

9. Harnesses.

Harnesses are without a doubt my current favourite body accessory and have been for some years now. I bought my first one from NO:WEAR in Camden 3 years ago and have been constantly buying and making more since then.

Here are a few different styles I found online. I hpe to be able to post images from my own range of harnesses soon as well!


10. Shoulder accessories.

Shoulder accessories are a great way to add interest and detail to any outfit and I definitely need more of them. I currently own shoulder pads and shoulder chains of the large and heavy variety but non of these small, light epaulette type things that can easily be worn day to day. I found a few around, mostly on etsy but non that were perfect for me so I’ll probably have a go at making some. I will try and post a tutorial on here when I do.

Shoulder pads and epaulettes

Making this list has definitely reminded me what the key items in my wardrobe are and has actually led me to purchase a few things already. From the images I have selected to post, I can tell that my new wardrobe will look fresh, even though I already had these types of items in mind. I haven’t included dresses and skirts in this post because I feel they are very shape/size/style specific but I will touch on that subject some other time.