Eustratia Open House.

In February I opened my showroom to the public for the first time and hosted the first Eustratia Open House Day. The event was co-hosted by my friends from Vauhaus and attended by many lovely models I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last few years. IMG_8533I enjoyed setting up the showroom and showcasing my work in an environment that complemented it. It was also great to interact with people, show them the garments in person and talk about the details and shapes, something that isn’t really possible when, like me, you sell mostly online.

1900628_628110120609338_6317526186917491067_oAside from talking about clothes, we also drank champagne, posed for photos and finished of the day with the models having a pillow fight in the bedroom.

10295313_628110173942666_5973584393313483815_oCole Black from LatexGirlsHD put together an amazing video capturing the highlights and atmosphere of the day.

Thanks to my awesome models: Amber Dennett  Hazel Whittle Vivi Sterling Nina Terror Laura Powell Jo Juiceboxx Naomi Rose Pedersen Mai Walker  Georgina Ainscow Loren Faether Charlotte Anne MacGregor Zoe Harlotti Collinson

and team Toria Brightside Natalie Rose Wilde Richard Ayres.

IMG_8607IMG_8398IMG_8651IMG_8668IMG_8677IMG_8694IMG_8693Documentary photography by Natalie Rose Wilde.

IMG_1373IMG_1452IMG_1408IMG_1325IMG_1648Photobooth images by Toria Brightside.

On the 10th of May, we are hosting the a workshop at Eustratia house, featuring Vauhaus model Vivi sterling, you can read the details here.


Christmas gift ideas

I realised I haven’t done any shopping/wish list type posts for ages so I’ve put together a board with my top 10 affordable gift ideas (a lot of which are on my list too).

  • christmas wishlist 131. Round cushions, £6.99 Ebay
  • 2. Chandelier, £38.00 ebay or BHS
  • 3. Box frame, £4 Ikea
  • 4. LED cherry blosson tree, £34.99 Ebay
  • 5. White stag head, £50 ebay
  • 6. White candelabra, £32.90
  • 7. Waffle maker, £23.99 Ebay
  • 8. Scatter lights, £5 Ikea
  • 9. Note book, £4 Ikea
  • 10. Oil burner, £4.95 Ebay