Body Jewellery portraits.

I seem to keep things in my long-term goal pile for years until one day something just clicks and they work. Easily, with hardly any effort, as though this was the day they was supposed to happen and that’s why they didn’t make sense any of the times I had considered them before.

Self-portraits are one of these things. The idea first occurred to me about 6 years ago but whenever I thought about trying it (or even set up the self-timer as an experiment) it just never seemed right. Until last week.

I had been sent some new pieces of body jewellery and decided to present it on a series of beauty portraits in different colour schemes.

The first one I tried features dark red eyeshadow and a nude lip (which I never wear out due to my lips being naturally darker).

silver piercing 2piecing portrait 1 copyBlackline captive ball septum ring, jeweled labret ball by

tragus ring with star, small jewelled labret balls

Chainmail necklace: Richard Ayres

For the second look, I opted for a classic cat eye and dark red red lip, using my favroutite Dior lip gloss and pencil.

piercing red 1piercing 2 redsmall blackline internally threaded gem, black wooden plug, crystal ball septum ring:

 internally threaded star:

For the final look I used soft peach and gold hues to create a glowing complexion.

gold piercing 1new gold piercingSmooth segment septum ring and large crystal labret ball:

glass plugs and small crystal labret balls.

Gold and steel dragon-scale necklace: Richard Ayres.

I think the last set is my favourite at the moment. I’d love to hear which you guys like and also if anyone has any tips for making sure the colouring remains the same accross all the images you are retouching. I’m getting more into retouching recently and this is one of the things I find most challenging.


Decorative septum rings.

It isn’t very often I see body jewellery that I find interesting these days so when the image below popped up on tumblr I had to do some research and find out where the ring was from.

It’s from Born this way, body art in Knoxville who actually have a tastefully interesting selection of body jewellery.

I’ve included some of my favourites below:

I’m not a big fan of yellow gold so I would probably prefer the white gold version.

I also love the little knuckle duster.

I think hand carved tapers are beautiful in general but these are particularly elegant and detailed.

When I looked at the shop, I realised the septum ring I liked is a bit out of my budget for now so with the help of a fan form my facebook page I found an etsy seller with some with some silver hand made septum rings.

This is the one I thought would suit me best and at $50 it’s a much more sensible option.

I am still looking for something equally as decorative but maybe slightly more badass (maybe in black?) so if you come across anything do let me know!