Valentine’s day picks

I’m not really the sort of girl who makes a big deal about Valentine’s day. However I do find that, if you have the means, it’s a good opportunity to do something special for your loved one.

I love compiling boards whatever the occasion so I thought I would share my top picks in case some of you would like some extra ideas.

valentines board1. Charbonnel et Walker Pink Mark de champagne truffles £20.99 Selfridges

2. Gia shelf bra £105.00, Bordelle

3. Bow bra £75, bow peep briefs £55 and bow cuffs £6 each, Eustratia

4. Spike leather harness €375.00, MIse en cage

5. pussy bow £12, stripe waistcoat £48. stripey briefs £32, bow cargers £22, cameo pasties £22, Eustratia

6. Satin harness thong in black €74.00 Mise en cage

7. Pony ear bridle €138.00 Mise en cage

8. Confetti lace waspie £132.00 Bordelle

9. Barnabe leather cuffs €135.00 Mise en cage

10. Patent leather paddle £111.00 Mise en cage

11. Nibiru harness thong €72.00 Mise en cage

12. Heart suspender $100, Creepyyeha

13. Vivienne westwood frily snake tote bag £195.00, selfridges

To celebrate Valentine’s day I’m also planning a giveaway! Keep your eyes pealed, it will be announced soon!


Decorative septum rings.

It isn’t very often I see body jewellery that I find interesting these days so when the image below popped up on tumblr I had to do some research and find out where the ring was from.

It’s from Born this way, body art in Knoxville who actually have a tastefully interesting selection of body jewellery.

I’ve included some of my favourites below:

I’m not a big fan of yellow gold so I would probably prefer the white gold version.

I also love the little knuckle duster.

I think hand carved tapers are beautiful in general but these are particularly elegant and detailed.

When I looked at the shop, I realised the septum ring I liked is a bit out of my budget for now so with the help of a fan form my facebook page I found an etsy seller with some with some silver hand made septum rings.

This is the one I thought would suit me best and at $50 it’s a much more sensible option.

I am still looking for something equally as decorative but maybe slightly more badass (maybe in black?) so if you come across anything do let me know!