Chimera: Behind the scenes

I recently found some behind the scenes shots from the chimera shoot and decided to share them as I think they show off some aspects of the garments that weren’t that evident from the final images. The majority of these were taken by Phil Nicholls and a couple by myself.

The garments featured in the shoot are available to purchase at Sale on till 22.1.12 so hurry!

I also took this opportunity to better showcase some of the accessories from the shoot with some still life images as I feel most of them didn’t stand out enough in the final images. These will be added to the online store as soon as I have some more suitable images back

Certain items from this range are already available at Birds yard in Leeds and all will be available very soon at .

The will be priced as follows and can also be ordered via email to

Perspex inverted cross necklace: £12.50 on black chain or £16 on thick gunmetal chain (pictured).

Latex, studded inverted cross necklace £20

Latex, studded cross hair clip £18

Latex, studded shield necklace £20

Nutmail choker £50

Nutmail cuff £38

The nutmail chocker and cuff are available in two styles, one solid and one with holes through the middle. All aspects of this item, down to the smallest links are hand-shaped! A truly beautiful item, worth every penny.

Trend: Chokers

Looking around on the internet recently, I was surprised to see that chokers are making a come-back! With them having being out of fashion for a while, I think a lot of people feel a bit apprehensive towards them, especially as  it mostly seemed to be chunkier ones that made an appearance on the catwalk. Personally, I have always had a love of statement jewellery and consider chokers quite flattering so I will definitely be going all out on this one but I’m sure there will be more subtle styles available to introduce the more weary.

Chokers on the catwalk:

designerd left to right: Laurent, Valentino, Alexander McQueen

My favourite out of what I’ve seen so far has to be this one (matching bangle also available):

Alexander McQueen Spike-Embellished Metal Choker

I actually saw one of these on ebay for £340 and was tempted but maybe I should save up some money first.

Over the next few weeks I will post images of chokers I have been making and maybe even add some to my online store.