Hair piece tutorial

After the interest in my horn hair-piece, I decided to do a tutorial for anyone who was inspired to make their own.

The base is made out of chicken wire. I find it a convenient material to make large hair pieces out, it’s easy and quick to shape and can be covered with virtually anything.

I used wire cutters to cut a triangular shape out of the chicken wire and joined it into a horn shape by sculpting it twisting the ends round. (each horn was formed separately)

Then I joined the two horns together in the middle by twisting the wire.

I thought Kanekalon fibre fake hair would be best for this project. I used about three packets for this in two different shades.

Basically, the idea is to wrap the hair around the chicken wire till the whole thing is covered. I found that backcombing the hair first gives better coverage and helps it stay in place. I used a few hair grips to secure the hair in some places.

After the whole hair piece was covered, I poured hot water over the hair piece so the hair set tightly around the base (only kanekalon hair has this property), this also combated the amount of fluffy hairs sticking out that were previously quite evident .

The unicorn hair-pieces I used in the VAU VAU fashion show were also made in a similar way but there I backcombed and twisted the hair into a tube before attaching it in a spiral. The way no need to pour water over these as the desired effect was already achieved and the twisting meant there weren’t that many stray hairs.

Ezra by Arien Specter at VAU VAU.

If anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer them and if making is not for you I am also happy to make hair pieces to order, please contact me for details.

0 thoughts on “Hair piece tutorial

  1. Ashleigh Mills

    Hi, first of all I’m so happy I came across this tutorial – I’ve been looking to make a hairpiece like this but have found nothing online so far! Awesome stuff :) Just wondered how you would fix this to the head? would it help to secure them with pins or is there another more effective technique?

  2. hey I tried my first mesh creation :S it was just to test to see how it went :
    lol dont how to take the overall design since this was winging it

  3. Matthew Hayes Hunter

    I’m designing wigs for a stage production of DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID JR. and am thinking of using the chicken wire technique to make Ursula’s wig (to look like the one from the Broadway production of THE LITTLE MERMAID). Would you suggest this? Also, how did you get the hair to stick to the chicken wire? And please explain to me the hot water part and what that does/how that help. Thanks!!!! :)


    • Hi Matt, I think that sounds like it will work. I buy kanekalon fiber hair which seals with heat so if you wrap it round tightly, using some hair clips, it should just tighten around the base. Sorry for the late reply and hope this helps! :)

  4. Glad you liked it :)

  5. Thanks! 😀
    It looks like it was an amazing show, I wish I could have seen it!

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