Stocking at Bird’s yard

Today I spent my afternoon in Leeds sorting out my new booth at Bird’s yard. They stock a wide range of products from independent designers, vintage sellers and jewellery makers and I’m intrigued to see how my products do next to all these. I have always liked the feel and concept of the store since I first visited last month (read about it here) and feel excited to be part of it.

whole booth

top shelf: latex accessories

Middle shelf: jewellery


I am reasonably pleased with the way the booth looks considering I had no idea how I was going to lay everything out before I got there but it definitely still needs some work. The items on the top shelf are hardly visible to anyone shorter than 5’10” and would definitely benefit from some small perspex stairs to sit on and the back wall might look nicer covered in the Eustratia wallpaper pattern. I also need to get my brand name on the sign ASAP so people know what they’re looking at. Hopefully there will be more pictures of the improvements to come soon!

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