Eustratia Menswear

The first full Eustratia menswear range is finally complete. It has taken a long time and a lot of persuasion to get to this stage but I’m happy to be able to offer standard options to male customers.

The range, co-designed by Richard Ayres consists of a mixture of streetwear and vintage inspired pieces that don’t conform to men’s latex cliches and are closer to what modern men are used to wearing on a day to day basis. This hopefully makes customers that are new to latex more comfortable when exploring the material. A lot of the styles are not skin tight, especially on the bottom half, allowing for freedom in movement and comfort.

The range will be available online and will also be carried by Frankie Knuckles‘ boutique in Afflecks Palace, Manchester.

The photoshoot took place at Al Overdrive‘s studio in London. He was great fun to work with and aside from shooting for vogue has recently started a performance/costume project for exhibion and possible publication.

The models are Kings Poge and Rob Gilmartin.

close up new copyknee pad shorts new copyv-neck shorts 2 new copyv-neck1 new copymensweaehood1new copyhood2 new copyharem new copyvest back new copyblazer newsuit close up new copysuit menswear new copymilitary1 copyjacket back new copyWith this being the first Eustratia menswear range, feedback would be appreciated. Richard has added the man’s touch and has owned several of these items for a while but it’s always good to hear from customers. If what we have so far is well-received more items may be added in the future and of course custom orders are always welcome. 


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