Winter candle DIY

As someone who orders a lot of things online, I often have packaging lying around the house. Today I was getting ready to throw out some polystyrene, when I had a brain wave.


I had seen this picture on pinterest a few weeks ago and wanted to create something similar for myself, however, I wasn’t sure what they used for the snow or what I had that would give a similar effect.


I decided to free some of the polystyrene balls and see if they created a snow-like effect.

IMG_7708It looked satisfactory so I decided to pick out some jars and fill them up.

IMG_7709 Then I added a tea light carefully, as it had to be lit first (it might be worth buying some long matches for these).


I then did the same with two larger jars and tied bits of grosgrain ribbon and lace round them.

The look of the jars changes slightly depending on what you wrap them with so try to choose something that matches or complements your decor.


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