Artist spotlight: Jee-young-lee

I don’t often find artists who’s work really resonates with me often. I have always had a love of art but I feel a lot of the stuff that makes it into the public eye is either so over-thought you could question if there is any meaning in it at all, or so blatantly obvious it’s debatable whether it call be classed as art all.

I like art to transport me and Jee-young-lee’s surreal worlds do just that. She works from a small studio room and transforms it into micro-worlds that tell a story without any digital or photo manipulation. Some of these self portraits represent her own experiences, dreams and memories, while others represent traditional Korean folk tales and legends.

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-1stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-2 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-5stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-3stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-4stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-7stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-9stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-10stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-14stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-16A draw on a lot of similar inspirations for my own work and love how she has managed to create such a complete image. I sometimes fond it hard to create something entirely based on a mental image and have to supplement it.


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