Winter candle DIY

As someone who orders a lot of things online, I often have packaging lying around the house. Today I was getting ready to throw out some polystyrene, when I had a brain wave.


I had seen this picture on pinterest a few weeks ago and wanted to create something similar for myself, however, I wasn’t sure what they used for the snow or what I had that would give a similar effect.


I decided to free some of the polystyrene balls and see if they created a snow-like effect.

IMG_7708It looked satisfactory so I decided to pick out some jars and fill them up.

IMG_7709 Then I added a tea light carefully, as it had to be lit first (it might be worth buying some long matches for these).


I then did the same with two larger jars and tied bits of grosgrain ribbon and lace round them.

The look of the jars changes slightly depending on what you wrap them with so try to choose something that matches or complements your decor.


Eustratia Gift guide 2014

gift guide

In my opinion, any Eustratia item would make a great gift. Each item is hand-crafted, with love and attention to detail and going out of your way to purchase something from an independent designer definitely shows you care more than just picking something up from your nearest superstore.

I understand however, that there are a fair few products on the website at the moment and it might be daunting for new customers to look through them all, so I have picked out a few items I feel would make particularly good Christmas presents.

These are:

Moth Garters

Peep bra


Hair flower

Open shoulder top

Facing unicorns necklace

Stripey hair bow

“Ruby” gift set.

If you’d like even more ideas to aid your Christmas shopping, Eustratia intern Lindsay, has featured her own sale picks on her blog,  Rose tinted glasses.